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04 Aug 2013

Teacher Proof: Tom Bennett's dose of healthy scepticism

So, when was the last time I read any book, laughing out loud? Can't remember. But I sat by the river Dee on a sunny Saturday morning and read Tom Bennett's forensic piece of work on educational research. I had to keep wiping my eyes.

But this book is serious, deadly serious about some of the less fragrant ideas to have wafted their way into our classrooms. They have arrived in schools via universities, the DfE, LAs and commercial courses. Bennett takes his cue from Ben Goldacre's 'Bad Science' which, among other things, debunked 'Brain Gym'. This book sets out to show why research in education doesn't always mean what it claims. And what we can do about it. Yes, and you too.

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02 Aug 2013

‘What works is what’s good’ Wilshaw

Heather Leatt did a great job of highlighting the revisions to the Ofsted School Inspection Handbook: It has prompted these observations.

Teaching styles

There have been a number of comments from colleagues that Ofsted inspectors expect to see certain styles of teaching. This is not the case. Inspectors have been told for some time not to privilege one style of teaching over another. This is now made clear in the revised document. Sir Michael Wilshaw also talked about what makes a good teacher in his 2012 RSA speech.

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