Books to support school improvement

The Curriculum

Gallimaufry to coherence

'Mary Myatt combines encyclopedic knowledge of schools with crystal-clear description of curriculum principles – a must-read for all those involved in improving education.

Globally, new attention is being given to curriculum principles and curriculum practice. Mary Myatt’s book is major contribution to this debate. Few books range so effectively across curriculum theory and day-to-day practice in the classroom – Mary Myatt does this with huge authority and extreme clarity.'

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Hopeful Schools

building humane communities

'Hopeful Schools' is a breath of fresh air and reminds you 'why' we do 'what' we do, whilst making you think 'how' we go about it.

Mary encourages us to consider what soulful schools; heart-based education and courageous leadership could and should look like. This book will nourish you and restore your faith in the future of our education system. It will reassure you that by being hopeful we can affect change.'

Hannah Wilson, Headteacher Aureus School.

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High Challenge, Low Threat

This book makes the case that we like doing things that are difficult, that we are a challenge-seeking species. This has implications for leadership, management and classroom practice.

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