The Curriculum

Gallimaufry to coherence

'Mary Myatt combines encyclopedic knowledge of schools with crystal-clear description of curriculum principles – a must-read for all those involved in improving education.

Globally, new attention is being given to curriculum principles and curriculum practice. Mary Myatt’s book is major contribution to this debate. Few books range so effectively across curriculum theory and day-to-day practice in the classroom – Mary Myatt does this with huge authority and extreme clarity.'

Tim Oates CBE, Group Director of ARD,
 (Assessment Research and Development)

‘This book weaves together theory, research, policy, and practice to provide educators at every stage of their career a practical guide to coherent curriculum design. Chapters divided by subject and strategy make it easy to keep coming back to, whilst Mary’s humorous and intelligent prose make it a pleasure to read.’

Claire Hill, Head of English and Media Studies, Dover Grammar School for Girls

‘This book has been invaluable and really balances theory, critical argument and practical applications for how we can achieve this in our curriculum planning and subject CPD.’

Aja Cortizo, Professional development Team Lead, Glyn School

‘This is exactly what I needed to read before the team goes to rewrite the curriculum this term. It is definitely a must read to completely rethink the curriculum because it covers all aspects to truly ensure ‘high challenge and low threat’ across all subjects. I’m so excited about redesigning the teaching and learning to ensure children are engaged and inspired.’

Flora Barton, Headteacher, Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School

ISBN-13: 978-1911382836

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